Hope for Africa is a 501 c-3 tax exempt non profit corporation created in Torrance, California in August 2000. Its mission is to “Promote social and cultural ties between the people of Africa and the United States of America to facilitate the transfer of resources and technology for the benefit of their health, education and economic well being”.


Our vision is to "implement internet literacy programs in African countries to encourage the participation of populations in e-commerce related activities for the generation of income".

Poverty and disease are the main challenges that Africa still faces today. These challenges have enormous impact on the quality of social, financial, cultural and political lives of Africans.

Hope for Africa believes that individuals wanting to be successful today and in the future must have a good mastery of Internet and all related Internet technologies.

Our goal is to contribute to poverty reduction by providing Internet Literacy to African populations as a step to get them more informed and hopefully get them involved with e-business opportunities.

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